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Super Pisces Full Moon Transit Tarot Read

Super Pisces Full Moon to Virgo New Moon Tarot transit by Jacy MoonSpirit

The Super Full Moon in Pisces at the end of August brought huge waves of emotional energy to the surface for a lot of people. In the midst of a seven planet retrograde, that made it hard to deal with the heaviness of outdated beliefs and deep heart wounds and still keep up the humdrum of the day to day. My experience as an Intuitive Consultant, card reader, energy healer, and medium has shown that we all wear masks, even those that really don’t suit the people we project into the universe that we are. Self care is a vital part of spiritual awakening, and even though we’re overwhelmed with advice about how to nurture and cultivate a centered presence no matter what happens, sometimes the flow of the current still sweeps us up.

So, this morning I pulled out my tarot deck (as I do when I’m in the mood for a little clarity). It had been a while since the charming Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake had been listened to, so I spent some quality time with her. She likes things just so when I’ve been away a while. I re-ordered the deck and separated the Major Arcana from each of the Minor Arcana’s four suits. In this iteration of the tool, I have Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles. From Ace to King, I sorted out the Minors, and I brought my Majors back into sync, starting with the Fool until she gave me The World. Then, I took a moment to deep breathe and meditate. This is an important part of my practice. Meditating before reading the tarot gives the opportunity to set aside expectations, focus the mind, and align the energy body with my own sense of self. When I read cards, I like the deck to recognize me, even if I read for someone else, so that I can be sure that she and I are communicating effectively. It helps no one if I end up tongue tied because my deck is trying to talk to too many people at one time.

Once my deck was cleansed and operating on all counts, I focused on my question. “What are the next steps coming up for Humanity as we move from the Pisces Full Moon toward the Virgo New Moon?” It felt good getting back to my roots and reading for the community at large again. The general message tends to resonate deeply with more people if I can make a better lens for observing what’s really going on for those who are still learning how to sort out the language of symbols we’re all subliminally coming into alignment with in each moment. For this question, I wanted a more generic frame for interpreting, so I used a classing Pentacle spread. With 5 windows to peer through and the door open to the truth, I can help navigate the room I’m supposed to be in and determine when it may be time to move out and on to somewhere new.

Our Significator, the card that represents the general Us in the spread, was the !0 of Wands. This card has been known to send many wounded healers to the infirmary. Its most popular message is for us to relinquish ourselves of any and all burdens we saddled ourselves with so that others could move forward unburdened. While talking out our troubles with others can be a healing experience, many of us don’t do well when it comes to taking steps to ensure that our energy isn’t being depleted in the spaces where we work, learn, shop, and live. Boundaries is a lesson we’re all learning. Sometimes, that means going “no-contact” with those who have hurt us because the distance can allow us to process and examine troubling memories and manage our reactions and expectations with people from our past. The 10 of Wands is a facilitator of Burden Basket Management: If it be someone else’s monkey, it need not apply for your circus. Your tent be full, and your life too, because you actually have energy for living when we get out ahead by living in the moment and letting go of the stress and detritus of yesterday.

With that powerful wake up call, we have to then look at how we can get our minds working in alignment with our highest good. For the segment of Mindset, we got messages from Temperance. This is another higher level change card, this time from the Major Arcana. I love that the artist of the deck,, shows the witch in her zen space, practicing Tree Pose. There’s a table behind her that shows different objects that can be interpreted in different ways: a martini glass, a red novel of some kind, a glass of water, some leafy carrots, and a tower of cupcakes. The overall vibe isn’t very minimalistic, but it does demonstrate a contrast that creates a balanced perspective. Like this witch, I believe that we too can create a balance with all the different thoughts and urges that play havoc in our mindsets. For example, it’s been known to happen that when we make a mistake, we beat ourselves up about it, sometimes even for weeks or years after an event. This reaction to failure has been reported to result in feelings of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. But when we meter out some positive thoughts and give ourselves something positive to hold focus on for even a short period of time, the relief from that stress can inspire us to move on from a stressful or triggering experience with our dignity and sense of sacred self intact. Cut yourself the slack to say that you are changing without resistance to the small shifts that lead to bigger milestones of success and greater balance in mind, body, and spirit.

Mindset: Check! Now for the emotional fuel for the fire. We got the Devil card. Now, don’t freak out, but this one is here to challenge you by giving you what you want. For example, you wanted off work early for extra free time to relax because work is stressing you out. But the boss says that you won’t be paid for the time you’re not in the office, so you get a few more hours of free time but the paycheck comes out lean and your bills keep coming. The stress is high, and you want to leave your job with Jerk Boss for something with more personal control. The opportunity that comes knocking looks great! Full time, set your own schedule, casual Fridays, but the personal accountability has to be in alignment with what you’re manifesting to move forward without the toxic environment becoming your new reality. The Devil card shows us what it looks like when we give in to temptations, especially unhealthy dependency on others or substances for managing our own inner worlds. Self Improvement doesn’t live in the same space as Procrastination. They up leveled when the smell of bs and B.O. finally got to be too much. Remember, “I am enough, I did enough, I let it go”. Inhale, exhale.

Spiritually, The Towers are coming down. In this world where we are being fed ‘the truth” through our screens, our genes, and our dreams, awakening is often a jarring journey. You can be confronted constantly with tests and lessons. It can feel like the Universe and the Higher Power(s) have turned their backs on you. But who can you always find in your corner when the walls are crumbling down? When support looks scarce, where are we supposed to go for the strength and wisdom to move forward? To quote a pretty pink witch in the land of yellow bricks, you have the magic within you all along. You are always there when the rock hits the bottom. You have survived 100% of your worst days. You have weathered storms others know nothing about. You didn’t come here for life to happen to you. This card shows us that it's up to us to decide how to make this experience happen FOR us. So when the going gets tough, break stuff. Begin with limiting beliefs such as self doubt and self recrimination. Burn “can’t” and “deserve” out of your vernacular. And don’t forget to dance around the fire in celebration of the new life you are building at this moment.

While we’re talking about manifestations and new lives, let’s reevaluate a favorite of mine: the Star card. My deck shows our usual leading lady in all white, standing with one hand raised to the heavens and one held down to the water around her ankles. She accepts the light of the heavens and weaves it into the pool of water. Around the edges of her pool, we see the grass growing high and her faithful companion sits patiently for her to come out to feed it. Usually, this card is about hope and positivity and enhanced third eye sight. I offer you a new perspective. Everything the universe holds has a purpose to it, whether we know what that purpose is or not. Regardless of what you may think a lesson is trying to teach you, it is entirely possible to look at a situation from all angles when you look at what this new tool could do. What does this have to do with our bodies and the physical aspects of your reality? It means that you don’t have to start as a mindset expert to get out of where you’ve been, and making lists is not always the most productive way to get things done. Be spontaneous and open to the awesomeness of the universe.

Our final card for this spread is the 9 of Wands. This is the card I see most often when I need to relax and come off the gas for a minute. My intentions are like seeds sometimes, and it can take a minute or two to wrap the head around the instant gratification I was programmed to accept from life. It’s easy to look at all the work that needs to be done to regain the humanity of the human race. Hell, for some of us, it can be hard to get up in the morning at a good time. But it helps to have good boundaries in place, and that means with yourself too. Ideals and expectations can set you up for failure. Lighten your load; let them go. Come down off that fence post and be uplifted in a better way. The only reason we aren’t more trusting of the process of healing is because we don’t remember that healing is in the journey.

The cards had a lot to say this week! We love offering a little help finding those markers on the trail. Thank you for the opportunity. May this reading guide you if it resonates with you, and may dawn’s bright blessing ever light your way.

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