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Rainbow Shielding

Hello! My name is Jacy MoonSpirit and today I want to lead you through an exercise called Rainbow Shielding.

What could that possibly be? Well, there’s a story here. I discovered early on in my adventures with energy healing and tarot reading that there were often clients that came in needing the services I offer that would leave me feeling a bit drained after. Sometimes, they had really blocked up chakras that took a lot of umph to process out. Often, they would come into the shop with a lot of stress that needed managing and they would project it out. I became the chopping block people used to chop their problems down to bite-size pieces. This usually left them feeling uplifted, capable, and empowered. Like I said, I felt drained… emotionally, mentally, and psychically. It was a lot to handle and it sometimes got in the way of me achieving my own goals and making progress that I needed to see manifest in my own life. My cup stopped even getting close to half full. If we look at it differently, it makes a bit more sense, I think.

First of all, I am many things to many people. I am a universal being of Love and Balance in the world. I am a parent, a teacher, a friend, and a partner. But, and I need to make this point, I AM NOT A CUP! I get depressed, angry, worried, and even exhausted sometimes. When that happens, I am responsible for taking my own self-care into account and managing the symptoms as they manifest. A network of beautiful and caring people can surround each and every one of us, but it is still our responsibility to care for ourselves and THEN put on the other passengers’ air masks, okay?

So, that being said, what is a Rainbow Shield and why should we all have one around us? A Rainbow Shield is a concept I developed that allows me to use my knowledge of color therapy, herbalism, crystal healing, Reiki energy, and meditation to my fullest advantage. It is a multi-layered shield that uses the colors of the rainbow and a blend of other energies to manifest a filter between what I encounter in my day to day life as a healer. It keeps me stable and balanced in a myriad of situations and I think that it can help anyone who may not know where to start when it comes to protecting their energy from the drain. It allows me to be my fullest self for myself and for others as well.

What follows is a meditation that can be read aloud in a group or recorded for personal use if need be. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or otherwise impede treatments authorized by medical professionals from whom you receive care and healing. It is simply a tool to start anyone who needs a psychic shield that not only works, but that is easy to learn and teach to others. That said, please enjoy!

Begin by bringing yourself to a comfortable seated or standing position. Make connection with the ground beneath your feet and spread them hip width apart in alignment with your shoulders. Allow yourself this moment to stand or sit up straight. Take a deep breath in through your nose. Feel the energy of the air channeling down your spine and stirring your energy body. Hold the breath and count to 7. Breathe out through your mouth and allow any stress and doubt from the day to exit your sacred space. Breathe in again through your nose and feel the energy spread out from your beautiful spine and into your torso. Hold the breath for 7 seconds and feel it travel into the gaps between your rib cage, between your vital organs. Exhale your breath through your mouth and let any tension in your body that does not deserve space here be released. Breathe in again through your nose and feel the energy of life force within you spread through your spine and torso into your limbs. Allow them to fill like balloons with joy and love. Hold your breath for 7 seconds and give your body gratitude for the beautiful, strong body you have. Exhale your breath through your mouth and say “thank you.” On your next inhale, feel your consciousness swell in your mind’s eye. Hold your breath for 7 seconds and notice any thoughts in your mind that do not resonate with your inner voice of wisdom. As you breathe out through the mouth, release any thought patterns and beliefs that keep you bound from reaching your highest potentials. Continue this glorious cycle of breath and know that the universe supports you in this and every moment. You are sacred. You are safe. You are Love.

Envision in your mind the color Red. The shiny red of a fresh, juicy apple. The deep red of a garnet. The beautiful vibrancy of a Rose in spring or an elderberry tea. Wrap your strong, beautiful body with Red- the color of strength, of birth, of belonging. You may notice a feeling of connection with the earth in a new way. This is your Root chakra awakening and grounding you in the place, in this moment.

Imagine the color Orange next. The bright oranges in the summer sun. The color of Amber and Carnelian. The shade of the sunset at the end of a fun and cheerful day. Around your bubble of Red energy, wrap yourself in a layer of orange. You may feel an opening in your belly around your navel area. This is the awakening of your Sacral chakra and your divine creative energies.

Bring awareness now to the color Yellow. The bright faces of sunflowers. The light of the sun. The golden color of Citrine in the daylight. Around your layer of red, around the layer of orange, around your beautiful, strong body, wrap yourself in the warmth of Yellow and welcome the feeling of confidence and self-esteem this gift will bring.

Focus now on the color Green. Think of the beautiful shades of Spring- the grasses and leaves of Nature. The deep verdant color of Emerald. The feeling of money coming into your home. Allow your mind to wrap the beautiful shades of Red, Orange, and Yellow that each surround and embrace you in this new shade of Green. You may start to feel your Heart chakra open up and allow love to flow freely within your shield.

Now I want you to imagine the color Blue. The blue of clear skies in the summer. The deep blue of lapis lazuli. The bright shade of turquoise. Let this color enfold you and surround the other layers of Red, followed by Orange, then Yellow, then Green. Let your Throat chakra open up and express the freedom that comes with this gift of liberation.

Bring to mind the color Indigo. This is the shade of ripe blueberries. The color of Sodalite and Merlinite. This color is aligned with intuition- your sense of what is and is not for you. Your compass in the world. Wrap the layers of your Rainbow Shield in this shade of beautiful Indigo, and lay the intention that your shield senses intuitively that which it is meant to stand against. You may start to feel your mind’s eye open up and take in the new information of your surroundings. Allow this to unfold for you.

Envision the color Purple. The deep shade of Amethyst. The color of ripe grapes before they become wine. The color of the sky just before the night settles in. Feel the peace that comes with this shade, and wrap yourself in this color of Divinity.

Bask in the mosaic of your Rainbow Shield. Feel the warmth and cooling energies of Red and Orange, Yellow and Green, Blue and Indigo, and Purple. Allow your energy to be balanced and know that this is your sacred space. Allow nothing to harm you in this space. In this shield, you are safe. You are sacred. You are Love.

When you feel ready, allow your eyes to gently open up. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Allow any energies that do not serve your Highest Good or the Highest Good of All to be released into the earth. Let the Mother beneath you transmute these into boons for you and yours. Know that you are divinely protected and guided, now and onwards. Say a prayer of gratitude if it feels right, and move through your day with grace and ease.

I hope that this meditation leaves you feeling refreshed, recharged, and healthy. May it be a well-loved tool for you and yours as we all move through this time of Awakening. Peace and Blessings!


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