Mixter Whispers

Mixter Whispers

Massage Therapist
Pagan Minister
Self-Care Coach
Energy Artist
Reiki Master

Massage Therapist: Mixter Whispers had a passion spark in them in highschool. Looking at all those brochures about college and whats next...they found a massage school brochure! Curiosity and what-ifs filled their mind and life kept flowing, that ember glowing within with possibilities. Seven years later, high school done, college courses nearing an end overloading the curiosity of after, a friend, a trip to Asheville, and a weekend introductory course were all they needed to know It Would Happen. One day, they'd be helping someone with their own hands like that.

3 more years, a BS in Arts Management from her Appalachian alma matta, and some faith-building after college adventures in upstate New York led them to the Blue Ridge Mountains once again. Serendipity shined on their studies of Massage and Bodywork from the Center for Massage and Natural Health in Asheville, NC. True love and adventure took them around NC before making their way to their current home in Colorado.  

They've been licensed since 2017, first in NC and actively in CO, and have loved working with the public developing their intuitive approach to massage. They specialize in a neuromuscular informed, integrative approach that incorporates traditional Swedish relaxation, Trigger Point/Deep Tissue release, and studies in reflexology and acupressure. 

Energy Work: Mixter Whispers' energy work started as self-exploration before expanding into the healing career they've cultivated today. While learning bodywork and other physical healing modalities, the world of Energy Work opened itself wider as they started to see how much physical pain came from metaphysical burdens. 

Numerous spiritual journeys expanded Mixter's desire to integrate energy work into their lives in a daily fashion. Grounding, Shielding, Creating....so much more. Mixter Whispers believe energy work comes through in our daily habits. That's why self-care matters on so many levels! Knowing your energy centers, such as the chakras and meridians, means you have a better chance of taking care of your overall you!

Our body is a messenger of the physical and metaphysical. Pain is a messenger. Illness is a reaction. They are not inherently bad things. They Are. We Aare. We experience pain, love, joy, sadness, guilt, shame, fear, hope, and more. We experience life on so many level we need habits to guide us daily to ensure our overall wellness. By checking in on self-care on a multidimensional level you take control of your life and guide it through the flow of this chaotic world. Chaos isn't a bad thing, its change! 

Mixter Whispers uses tools like Tarot/Oracle, Art Therapy, Journaling, Bells/Chimes, Smudge, Wands, Crystals and more to aid their energy work on a personal and professional level. They integrate intuitive energy work into their hands on healing through massage and bodywork as well! They believe their hands are a conduit for Creatrix given talents that can help her fellow global family. 

Pagan Ministry: Mixter Whispers didn't start out as a Mixter. In fact, they started out as "Rose". They started this walk as a young daughter to a Catholic family in Winston Salem, NC. As a child they would make pretend to be the Priest from the mass, while humming the latest hymnal tune. Every Sunday to Church. Weekdays? Those frequently. Prayer groups? Weird group healings? Religious iconography hosting in the house? A normal weekend with the biofam. 

They figured out as they grew that that religion just wasnt it for them. The hypocrisy and stagnation made their soul seek out nature to compensate for the blind doctrine they'd been cultivated towards their whole life.  It was watching the transition of one of her biological sisters into a Dominican Sister that upset the balance and finally tipped them into serious consideration of other faiths. 

Their massage and energy work curiosities overlapped with new spiritual studies that led them to meet their mentors and mate who helped them on their journey of self-exploration. Native medicine people, a loving committed nontraditional mate, and life-altering journeys physically and spiritually led them last year to get ordained with the ULC as a Pagan Minister. They are nondenominational and study mythology, religion, art history, historical texts and more in their cultivation of their Earth inspired ministry that's LGBTQA2 friendly.

They identify as a two-spirit and use their medicine name "Whispering Owls" combined with the word "Mixter", a gender-neutral term for Mr/Mrs/Ms. They prefer Them/They pronouns, but does respond to she/her. 


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