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Mixter Whispers

Intuitive Consultant
Massage Therapist
Pagan Minister
Self-Care Life Coach
Energy Artist
Reiki Master

Mixter Whispers
Head Massage

Massage Therapist

Colorado Licensed Massage Therapist

Mixter Whispers started their massage journey in Asheville, NC in 2018. They followed a dream that had been calling them for 10 years and made the plunge after working front desk at a local spa for a while. From school in the Blue Ridge to home in Colorado, they've been following the healing call of massage for going on 6 years now.

They've been licensed since 2017, first in NC and actively now in CO, and have loved working with the public developing their intuitive approach to massage. They specialize in a neuromuscular informed, integrative approach that incorporates traditional Swedish relaxation, Trigger Point/Deep Tissue release, and studies in reflexology and acupressure. 

Pagan Minister

LGBTQ2IA+ Advocate

Mixter Whispers didn't start out as a Mixter. In fact, they started out as "Rose". They started this walk as a young daughter to a Catholic family. As a child they would make pretend to be the Priest from the mass, while humming the latest hymnal tune. Every Sunday = Church. Weekdays? Church.  Holiday? Triple Mass. Prayer groups? Weird group healings? Religious iconography hosting in the house? A normal weekend with the biofam. When one of their sisters became a Sister things shifted for them.

Their massage and energy work curiosities overlapped with new spiritual studies that led them to meet their mentors and mate. Native medicine people, a loving committed nontraditional marriage, and life-altering journeys later and here they are now, ordained with the ULC as a Pagan Minister. They are nondenominational and study mythology, religion, art history, historical texts and more in their cultivation of their Earth inspired ministry that's LGBTQA2 friendly.

They identify as a two-spirit and use their medicine name "Whispering Owls" combined with the word "Mixter", a gender-neutral term for Mr/Mrs/Ms. They prefer Them/They pronouns, but does respond to she/her. 

Our officiant 'Spirit Soaring' and partner 'Sings With Owls' have had a busy summer workin

Integrative Energy Worker

Reiki Master

From self-exploration to healing master, Mixter Whispers dove through the deep end of spiritual development and made some leaps of faith in their transformation. 

From non-believer to practioner, their energy work bloomed through exploration of energy bodies they kept encountering in their massage work and at home in their community. 

They are a Reiki Master who uses an integrative approach that combines the Reiki modalities with chaos energy and color therapy informed from their background in art. 

Mixter Whispers uses tools like Tarot/Oracle, Art, Journaling, Bells/Chimes, Meditation, Smudge, Wands, Crystals and more to aid their energy work on a personal and professional level.


Self-Care Life Coach

During the pandemic, Mixter Whispers decided to revitalize their personal passion for art, and ventured into Life Coaching. 

They got certified in Life Coaching and Art Therapy Life Coaching and use the tools they learned daily for their own Self-Care journey, and to help their clients balance the physical and metaphysical challenges that arise. 

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