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Jacy MoonSpirit

Jacy Moonspirit

Tarot Expert / Oracle Reader
Energy Healer / Pagan Minister

Reiki Master

Starting early in life, Jacy MoonSpirit learned they were an Empath, someone highly sensitive to the subtle energies of the people and animals in the world around them. Through learning to cope with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual events of their childhood, they found their calling in being a healer and guide to others, as their ancestors did before them.

They first became a Tarot reader back in 2015 as a way of navigating anxiety by tapping into their spiritual path as a Witch. The cards then grew past only Tarot into more advanced oracle readings, and then later into Sacred Clown Tarot Reading- a method of reading the Tarot through the eyes of the Heyoka. Jacy makes looking at one's personal truths in the Sacred Clown's Mirror a simple, comfortable experience without sugar-coating or disrespect.

As a Native American Two-Spirit, Jacy has learned the Grandmother and Grandfather Medicines of their Cherokee, Lumbee, and Tuscarora heritage as well as Reiki to lead others back to balance and harmony within their mind, body, and spirit. Jacy has worked professionally as an energy healer since 2016. Using Reiki and/or Lightwork Healing energy (client's choice), they aid in healing all the layers of the auric fields as well as bringing the 13 chakras into alignment.

Jacy is also a co-developer of the Sacred Womb Healing therapy- a series of sessions that incorporates crystal healing, Chi Meridian healing, and the pressing of points in the body to heal the chakras and allow the body/mind/ spirit to recover and heal from traumatic experiences. These sessions are kept confidential and they are customized to meet the client's needs.

During the crazy of COVID, they also took the step to become ordained through the Universal Life Church and is a proud pagan mouthpiece for the Creatrix. For more details, contact Jacy and the 4 of Like Kind team.


Free Tarot and Oracle on our live strem each week with Jacy MoonSpirit and co-host Sings with Owls.

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