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An Adventure in Love

A Handfasting is essentially a wedding. The term comes from ancient cultures that used to "tie the knot" around married partners' hands as a sign of unity. This traditional ceremony has been adapted to modern life for our everyday pagan community.

Here at 4OLK we have 4 ordained ULC ministers who are happy to perform a handfasting! They've even been through the process themselves, so if you need real life examples of simple, pagan friendly ceremonies we're just the place!


Handfasting (Definition)

  • " plural -s. archaic : betrothal. : an irregular or probationary marriage contracted by joining hands and agreeing to live together as man and wife. also : the living together under such an agreement."  (Merriam Webster

  • "Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives."(Brides)

  • "The phrase refers to the making fast of a pledge by the shaking or joining of hands." (Wikipedia)

  • "M​ay define an unofficiated wedding (in which a couple marries without an officiant, usually with the intent of later undergoing a second wedding with an officiant), a betrothal (an engagement in which a couple has formally promised to wed, and which can be broken only through divorce), or a temporary wedding (in which a couple makes an intentionally temporary marriage commitment)" (Wikipedia)

Outdoor Wedding Table
Brides Kissing
Civil Partnership
Outdoor Wedding Altar
Gay Couple with their Daughter

Officiants Role

Our Intuitive Consultants are all ULC ordained Ministers from various backgrounds.

  • 3, 6, or 9 months of Pre-Marital Spiritual Coaching

  • Vow Writing Assistance

  • Ceremony Scripting

  • Day of Ceremony (Outdoor Option)

  • Marriage Altar Smudge Box

  • Ceremony Group Smudge

  • After Service Check-in Coaching

  • Group Rate for Bachelor/ette Parties. 

  • Life-time discount on Birth Blessings

  • Married House Smudge Discount

  • Two-for-One 2 Hour Reiki Massage

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