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Energy Work FAQs


What is Energy Healing?

Energy Work is a general term for various modalities of healing targeted to your body's energy fields. We all have an energy body that we don't see that instinctively interacts with the external and internal worlds around us.

Energy work can be as simple as getting grounded, getting smudged, or figuring out your proclivities to gemstone energy. Or it can get as complicated as Master level Reiki, Metaphysical Massage, and Sacred Womb Healing!

Please check out our services page to book any of these healing modalities that resonate with you.


What is a Smudge?

A smudge is a re-calibration of your aura or space to a higher, clearer vibrational frequency through the ceremonial burning of sacred herbs and resins such as, but not limited to; White Sage, Palo Santo, Black Copal, Frankincense, Myrrh, etc.

Reiki Treatment

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Practitioners can work above the body or hands-on with the palms to channel universal energy to the client. This healing energy can produce major emotional releases, can unlock pain bodies and blockages in the chakras, and can transfer across time and distance when you work with our masters. Our full team is now Reiki Masters!

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What is a Chakra?

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for "Wheel". They are energy centers that overlap the physical body. Many beginners to Chakra work learn about the Primary 7, while our Intuitive Consultants take a look at 13 of these centers for a more multi-dimensional approach.

The 7 Primary Chakras are Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.

The 13 Chakras we work with include the Earth Star, 7 Primary, Soul Star, Spirit, Universal (Umbilical), Galactic, and Divine Gateway.

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What is Chakra Balancing?

A chakra is an energy wheel in your energetic body. These energy centers correspond to different physical and metaphysical systems. Our Intuitive Consultants utilize their training on these multidimensional layers to help create healing that can echo into the physical form.

Keeping your chakras flowing properly is important. You don't want blood clots, why would you want a block in the heart chakra? Sometimes these imbalances in our chakras, if left untreated, can create blockages that may affect your health, your spirit, or your relationships.

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What is a Handfasting?

A Handfasting is essentially a wedding. The term comes from ancient cultures that used to "tie the knot" around married partners' hands as a sign of unity. This traditional ceremony has been adapted to modern life for our everyday pagan community.

Here at 4OLK we have 4 ordained ULC ministers who are happy to perform a handfasting! They've even been through the process themselves, so if you need real life examples of simple, pagan friendly ceremonies we're just the place!

Image by Zoltan Tasi

What is a Medium/Channel?

A Medium is a spiritual conduit for metaphysical beings that may be trying to communicate with our physical world through extrasensory means such as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Crystal Ball gazing, or other means.

Ancestors, Ghosts, Guides walk beside us all in the energy of the Universe. Mediums can channel these guides, or their messages, through various means depending on the Intuitive Consultant's predisposition to knowing, feeling, seeing, or feeling those energies.

It is important to find training and use caution when seeking out or becoming a medium/channel. Many entities are unhealthy, toxic or destructive and may have unfinished business clouding their energy fields. Seek out a smudge service to make sure your space isn't harboring unwanted energies before seeking any mediumship or channeling services.

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Image by Tbel Abuseridze

What is a Metaphysician?

A metaphysician, according to Google, is an expert or student in the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being and knowing.

A metaphysician deals with energy bodies that exist beyond normal human perception. It looks at nature and the elements that repeat around us, such as in sacred geometry. As above so below, universal energy mirrored in microcellular studies, our Intuitive Consultants combine multiple layers of healing studies to create unique modalities such as Sacred Womb Healing, Past Life Integration, Reiki, Metaphysical Massage, and more.

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Image by Christin Hume

What is Metaphysical Massage?

Massage is a hands-on bodywork healing modality. Our Lead Massage Therapist, Mixter Whispers, has developed a metaphysical style energy check-in featured in a 90-minute massage session that starts the conversation on how we take care of ourselves, physically and beyond.

Blocked throat chakra causing your neck to go out of alignment? Too many responsibilities burdening your back? Are your knees weak with the weight of your decisions so far? Let's get talking about what your body has been trying to tell you. Pain is a messenger. Let's interpret.

Cutting Threads

What is a Cord Cutting?

Cord Cutting is the ceremonial practice of releasing connections to things in the past that we no longer want to carry with us on our True Path(s). These are the things that restrict us from getting where we need to be in life; these are things like draining relationships, stress, old environments, curses, and anything else that blocks or drains our energy.

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Stomach Pain

What is a Pain Body?

A pain-body is an emotional energy body that comes forward when pain has been triggered for healing. Sometimes these triggers can be wounds from past lives, past relationships, childbirth experiences, trauma, and more. Pain bodies are our emotional attachments to the pain we've experienced throughout our Walks on this planet.

We always offer FREE pain-body removals when there is a genuine need.

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Hands on Stomach

What is Sacred Womb Healing?

Sacred Womb Healing is a 4OLK exclusive. This healing modality is a specialized healing for the traumatized sacred feminine womb.

This is a type of Energy Healing that was co-founded by Intuitive Consultants Jacy MoonSpirit and Sings with Owls.

This therapy is like a painbody removal on steroids for the sacred womb centers of all women, and men. This healing transcends time itself, addressing the womb energy across timelines, and helps you process the pain of the trauma so that it no longer controls your life moving forward.

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