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Sings with Owls
Owl Song

Reiki Master
Flow Expert / Energy Healer
Sacred Womb Healer

Sings With Owls spent her early childhood being a delight to her family and a terror to people who misrepresented themselves. Living and growing up in the South she was called to walk the path of a "Healer" and at that time took this to mean the medical field. After exploring that and other avenues she found her life in her to be dissatisfying, as nothing seemed to fit long-term. 

WHAT? I'm a witch?! Sometimes becoming a healer means first learning what it takes to heal. Having a life-changing revelation or experience often upsets the apple cart, and sometimes comes with a healing journey of its own. Sings found herself facing health issues and major life changes. The revelation came. Healer heal thyself. 

Through immersion into the walk of the healer, Sings has journeyed many times and talked with Elders, Grandmothers and fathers, and ancestors of her own.Guides come in many faces, shapes, and ages. Children, friends, family, and self-determination have helped her heal in the years since she stepped on her Good Red Road and took on her medicine name and purpose. 

Sings gives over faith and trust to the Creator and finds herself capable of healing through the conduit of her hands, her heart, and her flow. Past lives of ancients mightier than most, Sings currently spends her time at 4OLK refining intuitive healing modalities like the Sacred Womb Therapy that have helped others, like friend and fellow consultant Mixter Whispers, process and heal major traumas around their wombs from factors such as past life scars, soul fragments, rape traumas, childbirth, and more by using tools like energy meridians, chakras, auric energy, trigger point release, and light work therapy. 

Sings is also co-host of our #WitchyWednesday and #TarotTalkThrusday live shows, where she shares witchy wisdoms, Grandmother Medicine, and oracle readings with her dedicated viewers. 

Sings with Owls
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