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Spirit Soaring

Medicine Man
Intuitive Craftsman
Tarot / Oracle Reader
Pagan Minister

Spirit Soaring is an honored elder of the Bear Clan, born under the Hunter’s Moon in September 1966. This person of medicine is a shamanic practitioner, spiritual mentor and minister, and a skilled intuitive craftsman. He walks this Medicine Path with his life mate, Sings with Owls. Together these teachers help people reconnect with their ancestors, guides, self and their true life calling. 

His Medicine path began early, at 3.5 years old, earning him his first medicine name of “Spirit Walks Far”. This initial name was given him after an experience where his relatives and other Medicine People 2,800 miles away saw him astrally as if he were beside them. This name stuck with him for 45 years until he earned the Elder phase name of Spirit Soaring.

He still channels his youth given name through his crafts, found over at, as a healthy outlet that allows him to create where he once took life. 

When Spirit was of age, he went on a Vision Quest that inevitable led him to the Warrior’s Path. At 19 years old he entered the US Marines Corps. He walked the way of the warrior for 8.5 years. After separating from the USMC in 1966, he found himself on another Vision Quest leading him to revitalize the Bear Clan of the Medicine Nation and continue this walk on the Good Red Road. 

His mission is a testament to the vision of other medicine people...Red Crow, Sitting Bull, White Cloud, and Black Elk. These men saw the Bear Clan becoming the tribe of all the Nations, with members coming from all of the  7 tribes of men to allow any man, woman or child determined to be able to walk the Good Red Road. 

Spirit has near 300 spiritual, shamanic journeys under his belt, both personal and those he’s led to help others. He is an ordained minister for the ULC and teaches his students a more informed way. His knowledge of herbalism, metaphysics, acupressure, energy work and more are just the tip of the iceberg of this man. Honorary two-spirit. Craftsman, Sacred Clown. Giant Dragon? Come chat.

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