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What is a Smudge?

Establishing Sacred Space

A smudge is a re-calibration of your aura or space to a higher, clearer vibrational frequency through the ceremonial burning of sacred herbs and resins such as, but not limited to; White Sage, Palo Santo, Black Copal, Frankincense, Myrrh, etc. Some smudges also have physically healing properties.

Individual Smudge

Sacred Self

We have to watch out for our spiritual selfcare as well as our physical. Sometimes the easiest way to tune in to what you need to is to make sure nothing else is hanging out in your energy field. 

For an individual smudge, you can use sacred herbs, woods, and resins to cleanse the air and your energy by moving your hands, and rest of body through the smoke from the burning smudge. This process can be easier to do with a partner, which is why we offer it as one of our smudge services. We also use tools like smudge wands or oil sprays if people have allergies to the smoke.

Holy water based sprays can be useful in environments where you need to be mindful of "No Smoking" rules, allergies or other regulations in a space. 

Smudges have been sacred to a handful of cultures around the world, most notably the Native Americans. We honor our ancestors, mixed and indigenous, and use this ceremony to reset out energy fields daily. We love to smudge after work, an outing or other moments that may bring energy surges with them. 

This is a great tool for mindfulness and meditation as you learn self-care on the energy body level.  

Space Smudges

Sacred Spaces

Our physical environments have a lot more going on in them than just the physical. Between family time, work, and errands we can run through a lot of energy that we don't see, but our energy bodies feel and respond to. Much like an individual smudge, it's nice to clear out the energy in your living spaces, work environments or hangout spots. Some smudge components like White Sage have been scientifically shown to cleanse bacteria and other illness causing agents from the air. Physical and Metaphysical collide. 

Coworkers dumping their stress at the office? Partner going through something with the in-laws? How about clients or customers dumping their stress and depression at your desk? Weird poltergeist activity creeping out your kids? Doors creaking for no reason? Trouble sleeping in your new space? 

Check out our service page to book a smudge based on your space and needs. Our consultations start at $75 for a chance to meet with a team of Intuitive Consultants, establish a safe zone to speak and be, and to assess what kind of smudge would be best suited for the space. Initial sessions include a smudge for all participants. Group rates negotiable. 

Available Services

Individual Smudge



Standard $75

Small Apartment

2-4 Bedroom $75

Small House

2-3 Bedroom $100

Large House

5+ Bed/Extra Rooms $230

Extra Large House or Mansion

10+ Rooms $150+

Spa or Wellness Center

8-10 Rooms $125

Funeral Home

Conditional $250+

Apartment Complex

10-20 Apartments $1000

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Common Smudge Components

White Sage

Classic Clear Out

Palo Santo

Next Level Cleanse

Black Copal

List Title.


Dreamtime Aide


Shift the Energy


Clears Debris.


Invigorating Memory


Drive Out Negativity

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