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Waning Gibbous Runes

Waning Gibbous Rune Reading by Sings With Owls

Inspired by

Read by Sings With Owls and Jacy MoonSpirit

Drawn 7/28/21

What to manifest?

Kenaz: torch, knowledge, trust, loyalty, revelation, creativity, inspiration, technical skill, goddess Nerthus.

Insight: This is a powerful creative time rife with opportunities to gain clarity and hone our skills. In the time of Aquarius, the way we communicate affects the level of change we manifest in our own lives and in the world at large. Trust your intuition and surround yourself with people who share the same values. Be the light someone needs to see and keep looking at the beauty of what the future can be.

What mindset is holding us back?

New Moon: cycles, change, starting over.

Insight: At some point, you have to work with what you’ve got and change the way you look at yourself. Do not cling to a narrative that keeps you always in the place of “fixing”. Instead, manifest yourself in the positive. You are the narrative you feed yourself. Instead of rewriting, just make a new character arc.

Bringing self-acceptance

Waning Crescent: wisdom.

Insight: Accept that you are the Crone in this phase of your life. You have walked through the trials by fire and flood and come out the other side of every one of your bad moments. You have the ability to see the test as it approaches and you know what to do to make it through each rough moment, each curve ball. Own the High Priestess within and move forward in a new and assured way.

What area in life seems lacking?

Dagaz: day, light, hope, good energy, dawn, breakthrough, Gods’ Light, awareness, embarking on an enterprise.

Insight: Learn the ways of the Dawnbringer. Be the awakened one, even if it is lonely at times. Wake up each day and look for the good and the beautiful in life. It’s really out there. Put some positive energy into your life. Nothing changes until you do. Start today and don’t stop learning who you are and what awesomeness manifests from your place in the cosmos.

Messages from the Moon

Flight: movement, travel, elevation, temporary settling.

Insight: Sometimes, changing the external environment is enough to trick our minds into letting loose the blocks and allowing creativity to flourish. Instead of changing out all the furniture, take a new perspective. Elevate yourself above old stories about who you are or should be. Create more room to be creative in your mind and lay aside those heavy expectations that keep you locked down. Hop around from idea to idea like a bird in the trees. Do not forget that the first step in flying is learning to fall with grace and catch the wind when it meets you. Take this opportunity to soar!


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