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Intuitive Consultations

Intuitive readings from intuitive tools and intuitive people. 


What is an Intuitive Consultation? 

Join our Intuitive Consultants in a session tailored to discovering your Self-Care needs. This can be done through a few different avenues: Massage, Reiki, Smudges, Tarot, and Life Coaching. 

Intuitive Tools

Tarot as a Tool

Tarot is an intuitive tool that uses archetypes and artwork to create power-packed messages through a variety of structured spreads. We believe tarot is a tool that talks, that is why each of our sessions is designed to be a conversation that walks you through how the information presented is relevant to your path.

Viking Runes

Runes are an ancient alphabet from ancient Germanic/Scandinavian/Nordic traditions. We use the Viking Futhark runes as a form of divination. We consider these runes to be words of power that should be showed the proper respect when handling and reading.

Witch Glyphs

Witch glyphs are a more modern language of cultural symbols and signs associated with different witchy themes, such as moon phases and the elements.

Moon Magic

The ancients would check-in on the moon as it cycled throughout the year. The New Moon has been used for centuries as a time of new beginnings. The energy for this moon is great for introspection, intention setting, and shadow work. The Full Moon is a time of charging, healing, developing intuition and doing divinatory work. We work with a Moonology themed oracle and supporting decks to get a sense of what magics are at play.

Animal Guidance

A powerful way to get you in tune with your animal guides and see what messages these Mother messengers have to share. Get some insight from our four-legged and winged friends. Animals have been guides for shamans for centuries. What animals are trying to speak to you? We use the Animal Medicine cards and the Animal Totem Tarot.

Dream Journals

Dreaming has long been seen to contain subtle imagery and subconscious processing of information. Journaling before bed and when you wake with a dream in the morning can be a helpful self-care tool to see what energies are coming up for you each night. Keep your journal close to the bed, try to write out your thought first thing while it's fresh with as much detail as you can remember. Feel free to draw details! If you don't recall your dreams that night, still get in the habit of journaling how you're feeling when you wake up. Review monthly, or as inspired.


Typically made of crystal or metal, pendulums are tools used to discern yes/no questions or to locate things.

Crystal Balls

Crystal balls use clear glass, quartz, or other translucent materials to create a uniquely reflective ball that acts as an intuitive channel for psychics with the gift of Sight to use to view energy patterns at play in a meditative prompt. Using focused energy, the reader can interpret symbols and images they see in the glass to create an intuitive reading for certain questions.

Pagan Altars

An altar is a structure where ritual is performed for various ceremonies. This can be as simple as a daily prayer spot or as complex as a Handfasting altar. 
For many modern Pagans, altars typically contain a representation of the Sacred Feminine/Masculine and the Five Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit). 
Many altars contain gemstones, herbs and flowers, candles, chalices, athames, wands, boxes and other ceremonial tools. 

Candle Magic

Candles have long been seen to help power intention as they burn. By infusing Reiki, Essential Oils and Sacred Symbolism into candles for ceremony, many modern pagans can add extra power to their manifestation work.

Seasonal Specials

Yearly Roadmap

January Only: $150!

Typically $450. This 13 Month Tarot, Rune, Goddess, Moon and Animal spread is designed to act as a roadmap all year long!

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