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Caring for Crystals

In the days of our ancestors, the Stone People were the keepers of wisdom who taught us the power of living in harmony with the Earth Mother. In today’s world, we see crystals in jewelry, home decor, office spaces, art studios, and even water bottles. Scientists have studied and performed tests that support the ancients’ teachings that crystals have the ability to affect a positive change in the vibrations of our homes, workplaces, and our personal energy fields as well.

Crystal healing, the practice of using crystals to calibrate our auras and chakras, is a revitalized method of energy healing that has existed for thousands of years. Check out our Energy Work page to see what services we have available.


Smudging is an ancient practice in the cultures of the tribes of Indigenous Peoples around the world. Native Americans burned sacred herbs such as white and blue sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and tobacco for the purpose of cleansing and blessing a person or place and to bring them into alignment with the Great Spirit. It is customary in certain tribes to “smudge in” and “smudge out” before and after ceremonies take place. This keeps the energy sacred and aligned with the intentions of the ritual being performed.

Smudging, or “saging” if you prefer, is a powerful way to clear a space, stone, person, or object of any energies that bring in negativity or stagnation. When cleansing your crystals with smudge, first gather the herbs you want to burn. Set the intention that the Great Spirit remove the energies that do not vibrate with your highest self/ good. Burn the herbs in a shell or fire-proof bowl and allow the smoke to rise. Pass the crystals you wish to cleanse through the smoke and allow it to move along all sides and surfaces. This is an easy and effective method that works well for crystal healers, mediums, and other energy workers who use the blessing of the Moon in their rituals and practices.


Rinsing crystals and gemstones in natural bodies of water or even cold tap water from your faucet at home is a popular way to rest and clear excess energies from your stones. Bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans all connect the elements of earth and water with the energies of the Moon - Queen of emotions, mysticism, and intuition, and the Sun - powerful King of growth, healing, and happiness. Of course, there are certain minerals in stones we see on the market today that naturally have adverse reactions to submersion in water.

Selenite, for example, is a contender for dissolving when wet. Malachite is also a stone that has adverse reactions to getting wet, especially if it develops cracks from erosion or other damage. These stones should not be put into water or other substances for consumption as they can be toxic to the human body.

Warm water is not used for cleansing crystals as it has a tendency to accelerate these kinds of reactions and can generally cause benign crystals to erode over time.

Consignment or Burial

It has been said that returning crystals to the earth is especially healing for stones that need a serious reset. Over time, it is believed crystals and gemstones harmonize or match frequency with their surroundings. This method is very grounding and low-maintenance for the person using these tools. It allows them the time they need to recharge naturally before re-exposure to excess vibrational energy, similar to when we as people take a respite to charge our social batteries with some “me time” before we get back out there. It is important to remember to keep track of where your stones are buried should you decide to dig them up and keep working with them. Consigning them implies that you give them away to Mother Earth to keep, but if you do want to keep your Stone People close at hand, I recommend using clay flower pots or bowls of salt that can be seen in the space as a reminder to revive them at the next moon cycle.

We hope these methods of cleansing for your crystals helps you to be more aware as a caretaker for the Stone People and the channel for their energies. There are plenty of other methods to cleanse the gifts of Mother Earth we see all around us; these practices are meant to be easily incorporated into your personal healing practices. The information in this article is not meant to treat or diagnose symptoms of any medical health condition. Please reach out to a medical professional if you have a condition that requires licensed care and attention.

Our Intuitive Consultants use these techniques and more to care for their intuitive tools daily. They also utilize this knowledge for business and individual smudges. For more information about how to implement crystals and gemstones into your wellness path, reach out to us at or at 4 of Like-Kind on Facebook and at @4oflikekind on Instagram.

Many blessings!

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