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Cord Cutting Ceremony

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Cord Cutting is the ceremonial practice of releasing connections to things in the past that we no longer want to carry with us on our True Path(s). These are the things that restrict us from getting where we need to be in life; these are things like draining relationships, stress, old environments, curses, and anything else that blocks or drains our energy. This can be a very liberating practice that can be done at any point during the year but is believed to be best timed around the New Moon or the time of Autumn when nature is already making its own surrender to the cycle of life. After all, everything has a season and sometimes we have to burn away that which stops the growth from happening. Below is a sample ceremony that some may find useful when they find themselves needing to let go of the cords of the past. Please, do your own research and spend some time introspectively to decide what really needs to be shed at this time.


1 black candle 1 black string or cord white sage

fireproof container (cauldron, smudge pot, bowl, abalone shell)

moon water

frankincense essential oil

Obsidian blade (if available)


1. First, find a place where you can be undisturbed for about an hour (or longer if needed). I like to do a ceremony near my altar or outside in Nature as much as possible, but always do what comes intuitively for your spiritual path.

2. Now we call the Circle! A Witch's Circle is one of their most important tools for safety and communion with the forces of nature at work around them. First, I like to get a good Smudge going. In a fireproof container, gather your White Sage or other ceremonial herbs for burning. Using borrowed flame, light the herbs and blow the smoke into every nook and cranny of this, your Sacred Space. Now, walk in a circle clockwise around your Sacred Space. Call on your spirit guides, guardians, and medicinal ancestors for protection and guidance on this journey. Ask them to watch over you as you do your sacred work and they will lend you the strength you need for this ceremony. We will release them from the circle as soon as we finish the ceremony, as is polite and correct when working with spirits.

3. From a comfortable position for your body (sitting or standing; Witch's choice!) pick up your black thread or cord and your black candle. These components are important to your ceremony because of the associations they have with the bonds to what you want to release and the transformative power of the black candle that also protects you from harm during this ceremony. (As we continue to evolve and reawaken to the Nature of life, some may find they can actually feel you wanting to pull your energy away from them. Any resistance that may or may not come up because of this awareness is precisely why we call in the spirits and draw our circle. Just some safety pointers for beginners- or reminders for those who have been walking this Wise path for a while now. With your black string in hand, wrap your candle counterclockwise up the candle from the base.

4. Anoint your candle with Frankincense essential oil (or moon water) and set the intention to cut ties with anyone or anything that is incorrect for your True Path. If there is something specific you would like to release yourself from, focus your attention at that tie as you prepare your candle.

5. Light your candle and allow your mind to clear. If it helps, imagine the candle's flame burning away the clutter or cloudiness in your headspace. You can also focus on the flame and how it brightens the energy in your Sacred Space.

6. Meditate on where your cords are tied to you. Some may see themselves holding a fist full of strings; others may feel themselves tied or pulled by the cords restricting them. Whatever the case is for you, allow yourself the space to be Zen as you do this work. Take a deep breath and ground yourself in the moment. Assess where the incorrect flows of energy seem to be coming through for you. Do you feel any tension in your wrists or ankles? Can you feel the erratic pulses running along those ties of energy? Do some seem frayed and others thick and strong?

7. Take another breath of air deep into your body and begin to untie or cut those cords that do not resonate for the path you have paved for yourself. If you have an Obsidian spirit blade, now is a great time to use that sacred tool. Remember to let go of any severed cords in your hands as you move through this shed. Let the weight of the past fall away from you now. You are safe in this Sacred Space. Your ancestors, guides, and guardians are protecting you at this Moment in the Now.

8. Feel the bright pulsing energy of the candle's flame within you once more. Take a deep breath and truly feel how light and unrestricted it is to be free once you have let go. You may let your candle burn down and take the cord wrapped around it with it as a symbol of release and transformation.

9. Allow your attention to travel from the top of your head down to the soles of your feet. Ground deep into the heart of the Sacred Earth Mother now. Let her give you roots, and in turn, give her the things you have let fall away from you. Transmute them now with the energies of Onyx and Obsidian crystals and send them down through your roots. The Mother will take these energies in, and something beautiful will grow from this healing.

10. Open your eyes and thank your spirit guides and guardians who have watched over you during this ceremony. Send them love and peace and release them from your Witch's Circle now. Feel them walk through an opening you allow to take them from the space while you release your circle. Be sure to close it completely before taking down your Circle!

11. Walk counterclockwise around your Sacred Space along the same path you walked when calling your Circle. Let this energy be grounded into the Earth as well.

12. Smudge yourself and your Sacred Space again to remove any low vibrational energy that may try to linger near.

13. Open your window or door to let all of the smoke flow away from you, taking all those bad vibes with it.

Blessed Be- Jacy Moonspirit

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