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Building Ceremony

Welcome to this week's #MagickalMonday: building ceremony!

The first step in any ceremonial work is to discover what kind of ceremony is to be worked and gather the appropriate tools and accouterments.

Next, we call the corners to establish our sacred space. This is important as we want to ensure a safe ceremony for self and others involved in our magickal workings.

Set the altar (magickal work table) and make your offerings to the goddess, god, Spirit, or to honor your own intentions for this ceremony.

Clear away any spell debris from other workings and make sure your space is safe.

Set boundaries; draw a circle in salt around the area where you plan to hold the ceremony or set a crystal grid to create a physical representation of the circle you cast when you called your corners. Enforce the intention that only what serves the purposes of the magick in the circle be allowed in the circle.

Many say a mantra such as "I allow in this space only that which serves my highest good", but feel free to use whatever methods resonate with you. Set your intentions and state the purpose of the ceremony. Understand that you are here to learn and accept that lessons may present themselves during the ceremony.

Find a flow activity, such as dance or chanting, to activate those intentions. Now we come to the ritual consecration step, which calls for the use of a consecrated object for the purposes of initiating the work (e.g. lighting a candle is an easy and traditional way to start a ceremony).

Make the invocations you came here to your Sacred Space to make, whether they be to a deity or to the energy of your goal. Hold space and feel the energies coalescing in your circle. Let them become a part of you for this moment.

To close the ceremony, we suggest making a dedication and closing the circle. Bid farewell for now to the guardians who took up space in the corners for you and thank your guides and guardians for making their appearances. Retrace your steps and ground your circle into the Earth Mother and give thanks for her contribution to your efforts.

For further questions or assistance in making your ceremony as magickal as possible, please reach out to the Intuitive Consultants, ordained ministers, priestesses, and medicine people at 4 of Like Kind on IG or Facebook and online at

Happy and blessed casting!

Original Text from Jacy Moonspirit and posted on @4oflikekind IG and FB for our weekly #MagickalMonday DIY witchy craft for the week. 12/7/2020

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