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Metaphysical Massage

Metaphysical Massage: A Therapist's Perspective

You're probably thinking you know what a massage is, right? Pretty simple concept, you'd say. You get a person on a bed and they get 'rubbed down' for an hour or two. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones thats more aware of massage than that, though, then you might know it's called a table, not a bed.

We want to challenge the general understanding of "Massage" as you might know it.

Firstly, who am I to tell you about massage? I'm an almost 5 year seasoned professional massage therapist who has specialized my continued education on deep tissue, neuromuscular, therapeutic modalities as well as aromatherapy, reflexology and energy work. I'm also a certified life coach with a self care and art therapy perspective.

Aka, I can kick ass on the knot in your ass.

When I say "metaphysical massage" I mean a massage on a physical and energetic level. That means when I stick my elbow in your glutes and tell you to breath deep and let go, I mean: let go of the trauma memories, the abuse stored in the cellular memory, the fear, the stress, the past life trauma, the genetic ancestral triggers, the rapes, the societal violence, and so much more. Let go of the energy knots that build up around those tension spots and make you feel immobile. Be intentional in your healing, send healing through every breath, allow release.

Your body has a memory of its own, habits and comforts that it will want to give into. Ever wonder why it's so hard to stay on diet or that exercise regime? You have to get past the muscle memory that says stay stagnant and stiff, like many humans around the world who are taught from childhood to sit for hours and hours and hours.

News flash: sitting is killing you!

Your body is capable of so much more than you know. Creator's design within each of us is truly unique. Palpating muscles on a daily basis gives you a sneak peak into the differences within the base muscular patterns to see how many ways people wear stress, anxiety, trauma, tension, fear, depression and even love, excitement, and joy.

This physical form is our one and only sacred vessel on this walk. We are creations of the Universe, connected more cosmically than we realize. Take this moment to really think about what it means when we say "as above, so below", because when you can grasp that you are in fact made of star dust your flexibility of mind opens wider and allows the truth of universal love to enter you on an atomically level, down to the base micro pieces of our physical form, and spread out on a macro scale to the universe beyond.

When we look at our bodies and look at the planet around us we can see the similarities. Root and nervous systems, trees and lungs operating in the same way, crust of the planet kin to our skin, atoms that mimic our Milky Way.

When I first started working on clients from massage we were new to the idea of energy work. It didn't take long for us to realize how much of the energy body was impacting the physical body and how much of our mental state impacts our physical state as well.

We had a client recently who has been doing our more intensive Reiki Massage two hour sessions. We've worked with them for a while now and when our Reiki Master and I worked together on these sessions we've seen even more results disengaging from the past trauma responses and pain build ups from beyond this walk's physical memories.

Feel like an ex is stabbing you in the back? Or like they've got their hooks in deep and you just don't know why you can't shake them or get that word in edge wise? What about feeling tripped up, or held back or trapped in place? Did you even think that those where energetic things coming in at you?

Pin a knot here, open the energy pathway there and then apply reiki as the hooks come out, the hand prints fade from the muscle memories of psychic attacks and past life triggers. The knots that my deep tissue found finally release, energy pulsed from the spot and within a few minutes the client was able to talk about the energy fully and release the hold it had on the pain they were experiencing. They were able to express what they'd been feeling more fully, more consciously, and have been able to better hold their boundaries through legal battles and disability hearings since. Why let the ex keep getting the edge up when you're doing your part to live a healthier life?

Another example, a repeat client always gets neck and shoulder focus work because of their job. Lots of fine tools and detailing had them hunching, causing strain on the physical neck and shoulder area. Well, we work for 90 minutes every month, recommend stretches and gemstones and you'd expect some of that tension to stop being so intense after some intensive deep tissue work over several months. Instead, this client is ignoring energy that's trying to express itself from an old relationship that's left an energy blockage along the heart meridian and has thrown out her throat chakra to the point she's developed TMJ issues in the jaw. Literally, her energy blockage got worse because the healing work was rejected and the habit held onto. She shut down the expression she needed to process the pain pattern. When I investigated energetically, the problem spot had energy wrapping around her ring finger like a promise ring never given and creating resentment that goes unexpressed in every attempt at a relationship in this walk.

What's my point? Our bodies are more than physical. Our physical is in fact just vibration and matter that decided to act together to form this structure our souls reside within. Our forms are energy systems and we respond to the world's vibrations like receivers of the cosmic unknown. We are the cosmos, the stars and the sky and the earth. Our bodies are made from materials that have been around for millennium finding like mindedness to coalesce with Creators help into a unique individual that resonates with the Oneness of all.

Massage is more than a oil down. Massage is more than a fluff and buff.

Massage is more than that elbow in your ass.

Massage is more than an hour mostly naked on a strangers table.

Massage is magic.

Massage is natural energy work.

Massage is a miracle when your pain has crippled your mind so much you start wondering "what the point is", and suddenly someone sets their hands on you and strips away the tension and stress and negative vibrations and pours love through their hands until you feel your soul reunite with the purpose of this physical form.

More than muscle and bone, our bodies need healthy touch and time to get to know itself. Reconnect with your physical form. Reconnect with with this house you choose as home for this walk. Walk proudly even with the pain for every day is a chance for love to perform miracles. Some days, my hands do that work for Creator. That is part of my purpose. Let my hands unwind the mindless mess of negativity and stress thats found you.

Go book a massage with Mixter Whispers!

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