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Belated Beltane Blessings

So this new year has had some ups and downs, detours and rewrites and "what if this" moments. Does anyone else feel like their inner passion got trapped inside somewhere? Does anyone else feel like they know the spark is there but it's just out of reach? That's been me, lately.

Beltane has come again, and the month started with the fires being reborn again to spark our inner passions. What do you feel calling out to you? What passions have been whispering to you in your restless nights and worried days? Let go of that stress and come with me.

Passion is tricky, twisty turvy and rolly polly. Fun and frantic all in one sometimes. For myself, I find that it feels like a hurricane. I know there are a million ideas in my head and my fingers are ready to move in a moments notice, ready to reach out and snatch onto my next choice of project and passion and pull it into the eye of the storm with me.

Lately, I've felt stuck, trying to shift gears from who I was before I entered into parenthood, and who I am now as a MaDa daily. (Ma: Mom; Da: Dad.) I used to write and create something at the drop of a hat, energetic and inspired. Now I feel like I struggle to find time for me to breath, let alone allow my passion to pour out of my fingertips again. Some days it's writing, some days its art, sometimes its folding the laundry so my space feels clean and correct and my children don't think they can trash the place. Passion isnt just in our wildest dreams, our fantasies about what life could be, not just in the bedroom or boardroom. Our passions speak in whispers, a fire ready to spark at a moments notice.

Fuel your passions. Feel the burn as you step fully into the flames of creation energy and decide to be yourself. Be true to you and true to your inspirations and inner drives. Be mindful, kind, and creative as you learn to thrive as one within a construct of many that are also seeking individual awareness.

Everyone has their own journey, their own manifestations, their own paths and purpose. Don't get lost in the mass, become the one within and thrive when you feel the connection to All within your core. Thrive as you feel the life force energy within and let it free. Maybe the spin your feeling is the wheel trying to move. Stop standing still, or laying around in bed all day with excuse, and just get up already! Stand up for yourself. Choose your life.

Find a moment to revel in the wholeness that you are, the gift that was given to you at birth within your sacred body and the soul that transcends time and space that's housed within that temple of flesh. Live this life authentically, live it fully and fiercely! You are here to experience every up and down that comes your way, life is not "fair", it just is, and how we respond to it is our responsibility.

This May, as we depart the Beltane fires and feel the summer warmth returning to us day by day, let's not forget to water our roots, fertilize our foundations, and figure out a better way to be by choosing to improve each micromoment. Each choice, each breath, each day adds up to our macromoments.

Who are we? How do we want to look back at our own lives as we live it? Do we hold on to regrets and failure? Or do we throw those fears and doubts onto the fire and let it fuel our momentum forwards? Step forward bravely, embrace the emotions of living, and experience deeper love when you release expectations on what Creator has in store for you. You co-create this life. Live it fully intentionally.

Self-Care is a daily responsibilty. Metaphysical awareness is a necessary imparitive for our changing world. We are not sheeple. We are mighty and many. We are the life force of our countries and communities and we must change our ways. Let's do it each day, each moment at a time, co-creating a reality where plants, animals, and humans get to thrive and our waters can sustain us. Tap into your passion! You are needed on the spiritual war front. Stay strong sacred children of Creation, we are not alone.

Beltane blessing upon our 4OLK family!

Please dont forget to sign up for our pagan prayer list on our website! It's free. Each Sunday we pray and meditate and send distance reiki to anyone on the list! We are an inclusive famiy and have four ordained ministers on staff with different healing modalities and backgrounds ready to help you discover yourself and your bond with Creator.

God and Goddess Bless!

Mx. Whispers

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