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Nestled within a warm, inviting kitchen, this serene Earth element mug stands as a vessel of grounded energy. The mug features a silhouette of a majestic mountain, overlaid with a vibrant green sprig, symbolizing the sturdy resilience and ever-growing life associated with the element of Earth. The bold, yet soothing green lettering spells out "EARTH," anchoring the design in a representation of stability and nourishment, evoking the essence of the fertile ground beneath our feet.


Perfect for a cozy family gathering or a nature-themed event, this mug serves as a gentle reminder of our connection to the natural world. It is an ideal companion for morning herbal teas or evening brews, and it can also be a thoughtful gift for anyone who holds the Earth element close to their spirit. Event planners could use these mugs as meaningful favors at eco-conscious celebrations or as part of a pagan ceremony, where the elements are honored and invoked.


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.: One size: 11oz (0.33 l)
.: ORCA Coating
.: Durable white ceramic material with a glossy finish
.: C-shaped easy-grip handle

Earth Element Alchemical Symbol - Standard Mug, 11oz

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