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This enchanting Earth Element Pennant serves as a harmonious tribute to the grounding forces of nature, perfectly crafted for pagan families and event planners who wish to infuse their spaces with the essence of earthen energy. The pennant proudly displays the word "EARTH" in a steadfast green font, symbolizing the robust fertility of the soil and the unwavering stability of the mountains. A sprig of greenery emerges gracefully, evoking the life-giving flora that adorns our planet, while the backdrop features a stylized mountain peak, standing tall as a sentinel of the natural world.


Ideal for hanging in a family's sacred space or adorning the walls during an Earth Day celebration, this pennant encapsulates the nurturing spirit of the Earth element. It is designed to foster a connection with the terra firma beneath our feet, inviting a sense of balance and resilience into our lives. Whether it’s a focal point at a pagan gathering or a cherished piece in a child's room, this pennant is an emblem of the sustenance and stability that the Earth provides to us all.


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NB! Print placement may vary by up to 0.5''(1.3cm).

.: 100% Poly Twill
.: One size: 18" × 21" (45.7cm × 53.3cm )
.: One sided print
.: Comes with a wood dowel and twine frame

Earth Element Alchemic Symbol - Pagan Pennant

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