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Embrace the festivity of Beltane with this enchanting apron, blending utility with the magic of the season. The apron's front is adorned with a captivating floral arrangement encircling the word "BELTANE" in a delicate, cursive script, set against a pure white backdrop. The flowers, in gentle hues of pink and lavender, evoke the blossoming vitality of spring, while butterflies add a touch of whimsy, symbolizing transformation and joy. This apron doesn’t just protect against spills; it serves as a ceremonial garment, turning every kitchen encounter into a ritual celebration of growth and abundance.


Designed with the practical needs of pagan families and event planners in mind, this apron features an adjustable neck strap and spacious front pocket, ensuring comfort and convenience during festival preparations or everyday use. Whether one is stirring a pot of herbal blessings or crafting May Day treats, this apron invites the wearer to embody the spirit of Beltane. It’s perfect for those who host gatherings or lead rituals, serving as both a protective layer and a ceremonial vestment to honor this joyful time of year.


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.: 100% polyester canvas
.: One side print
.: White strap color
.: Tie-back closure
.: One size

Beltane - Pagan Sabbat Series - Kitchen Gear - Adult Apron

SKU: 29575514945573396741