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Witchy Week - May 5th to May 9th, 2021

Each week we like to feature a God/Goddess or pair to help you learn about some new, old, pagan mythology that might inform your ecclectic witchy path.

God : Ometeotl (Aztec)

Ome: Two/Dual. Creation Gods. Tied in to debate on multi persona, think Hecate and other multifaceted goddesses. Combined energies or ancient misinterpretation.

Goddess: Friga (Germanic)

Norse and Germanic Goddess of Foresight and Wisdom. Also known as Freya. Friday's name came from her root name. Friga-Day. Fri-Day. Origin of calendar day name.

Weekly Rune Spread:

Spread from @ethony, shout out on our live show from a new follow we’ve found.

Waning- What I need to release - Moon

First to throw a loop into things, working on the reintroduction of the divine feminine to society. D.F about creation energy. We need to release the bondages on the Divine Feminine from titles and limitations. There are tons of different kinds of goddesses around the world. Release limitations, release superficiality, release expectations on the feminine.

Reverse - What can I reverse

Sowilo - Letter S, flip the script on wellness, on self-care, it’s redefining success. Wellness is a community task. Reverse the disbalanced state, bring things back to caring for the community.

Hecate - What Path is in line with my highest self:

Romance - made sense off the bat, self-love, love life, love others. Triquetra. Balance. Selfcare important now as we move forward. Love all aspects, love self now, in the past, and in the future, for all our faults and shadow aspects too.

Guidance from Waning Moon:

Nuthis - self-reliance, delays, letter n. Take in a broader understanding of what things are the way they are. Why is our selfcare so compromised? Where have we fallen into a societal expectation to push through illness instead of caring for self. Honor and respect your own needs. Know who we are and learn what will help.

Thursday’s Tile Pull:

Thuriaz - Giant, Suffering, Motivation, Defense against Adversity, Reactive Force, Thursday, Thor, X, TH.

Plans page roll out!

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This week we had a custom spread by Sings with Owls. The longer spread was a blast and got a lot of live traction on our FB and IG pages. Read on below or watch the whole episode on our pages.


  1. Lilith

  2. Ellen

  3. Anya

Independence, Patterns, Adaptability. Work from a perspective of stepping into self, analyze the patterns, and find the ones worth keeping vs ones to …. Anya a guide to help you adapt to the circumstances. Work as a team within the self. Multilayered selves. Like being a tarot reader, not everyone is meant to be the same.

Animal Guides:

Racoon - Generous protector. Step away from worldliness. Look around, see who needs your help. Honor self and others equally. Take care of yourself so you can take care of the community.

Animal Messages:

Swan - Don’t dive deep without being aware of your energy output. “Too Good To Be True” trust your instinct, go deep, to be honest with the depths inside yourself. Dive deep to surface and choose again.

Watch the rest on our live show! We had a special guest star make an appearance.

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We pulled an intuitive card with the help of our resident kiddo this Mother's Day as well. They brought us the Shawl Card from the Sacred Pathway deck. We celebrated the mother's focused holiday with some Reiki for our mother's also. Healing past life trauma can be pretty intense.

Weekend Update:

If you were one of the few lucky ones to catch our attempt at a #SelfCareSaturday live healing session before we removed it, we want to say sorry!

We had a bit of an adventure with the healing work that was called up this weekend. Due to the nature of our work, sometimes the past life energies that need to be worked on will fight by sending out disruptive energy. We encountered a little combo of that and some disbalanced chakra energy that made grounding attempts flare things up worse.

Energy work is a unique modality that can be very reactive to energies many aren’t familiar with, it's important to check in with trained healers and professionals to get proper treatment for spiritual ills. We removed the content that was filmed because we felt it was not a good representation of our work. Sometimes we hit snags energetically and emergencies happen. We were able to go through with the Reiki session that Saturday night in a private session between Mixter Whispers and Reiki Master Jacy MoonSpirit.

Haven’t heard yet? Join our prayer list by going to Our free plan adds you to our prayer list. We also have awesome monthly tarot, reiki, massage and more!


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