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Witchy Wednesday New Moon Taurus

#WitchyWednesday May 12th, 2021

Join our Intuitive Consultants for our weekly witchy content with Jacy MoonSpirit and Sings with Owls.

God: Bragi and Goddess: Idun

Background fans: Mini Mixter!

Idun is a Norse Goddess, keeper of the sacred apples, eternal youth symbol. Reminds us of a few other favorite Greek myths. Bragi is her husband, the god of Poetry. Bragi was depicted with runes carved on his tongue. Connections to Odin and our runes for the day. Spread by Sings with Owls for this week's rune tiles. Reach out for your very own zoom session!

New Moon in Taurus.

1.What can bring us clarity?

Viking rune: Fehu - Cattle, wealth, assets, possessions.

Many of us want to manifest more abundance in our lives, especially financial abundance. This rune is the sign that says “Right this way to the pot of gold”, but doesn’t always fulfill the “how do I claim it?” part of the equation. One of the many ways that we can access this potential is to accept an attitude of gratitude and learn what assets we can use to attain the growth we seek on whatever level we seek.

2. What can I do to be more present?

Moon Glyph: Flight- Movement, travel, flow, migration, change

Being aware and connected correctly with other like minded people builds a community. I think often we forget that we have to find a tribe of people like us that can also motivate us to reach for our highest potential. Flight is a rune that makes it known that we have to go out there and find the solution, build the community, and sometimes even leave the place we sit and spin in to find the perspective and the inspiration to take the next step. Birds are also powerful omens of change in the season. In the spring, they start migrating out from the winter roosts and tropical places back to their homelands. In the same way, we make the journey so that we may come home to ourselves renewed and ready to meet our fellows.

3. What can I focus energy towards?

Viking rune: Inguz - Internal Growth, use common sense.

Inguz is a rune of putting in the actual work to elevate our situation. This is the fertility symbol that shows a clear sign that through hard work and careful planning we can achieve the goals we set ourselves. When we run across an obstacle, all we need to do is apply some common sense. If the weeds choke the crop, we remove the weeds. If the work needs to get done, we do it. Taking simple and steady action, always putting in the work and the forethought, and being aware of what we do is the way we make the dream a tangible reality.

4. Where have I been too focused on self to consider others?

Moon Glyph: Moon - Divine Feminine. Don’t over plan, you still need that driving masculine force. Need a balance of both.

This Witch rune speaks a lot of the divine feminine that is integral to balance in every being on this planet. This is the nurturing, compassionate, thinking side of the creation. She is capable and she knows it, but what is the best way to get the job done and done well? Being present when we do things like Shadow Work and manifestation is the most effective way of identifying potential obstacles ahead and also the best way to frame the mind to recognize the opportunity when it arrives. It is also at times a warning to actually put the plan into action. Thought with no action is not going to help us achieve our goals. Basically, if your sixth sense says that you need to actually clean the house, pick up a broom, witch!

5. What can help me vibrate higher?

Witch Glyph: FIre - Light, Fire, Action, Passion. Do something you are driven towards. Find your drive in life.

Fire is a Witch glyph that I associate closely with Yang energy. This symbol resonates action, passion, and creativity. Doing the thing is not always easy, but when we give into the healthy urge of what we want to do or what we feel called to, things usually work out for the better. We take medicine better that way. This is also a symbol of light, which can be a useful reminder that we don’t have to be doing Shadow Work all the time. Sometimes all we need in the moment is that torch of awareness in the moment of darkness to see through to the other side. We still have to actually take the step and make the change for anything to change for the better.

6. Divine Guidance

Viking Rune: Kenaz - Torch, knowledge, trust, creativity, inspiration. Be your own inner light, help transform the shadow work into something you can live with.

Living your real Truth is not always easy, but it is always necessary. There are lots of times in our lives when we approach the crossroads and have to trust in our intuition to guide our way. At the beginning of the project, we have to have inspiration to follow us through. Finding the creative flow and diving deeper are very important parts of rediscovering our true nature. In that, we have to practice self-acceptance and follow the light. We have to listen to our inner guides to lead us through those moments and reveal the strength that we have within. Then, we have to accept it and move forward.

7. Moon Energy Involved

Light - More playful side of the feminine, the bridge between maiden and mother. Joy. Path to enlightenment.

This Witch rune reminded me of Otter medicine- the more playful and compassionate aspect of the feminine. It feels like the bridge between the Maiden and the Mother. She is reframing the way she looks at her skills and herself. She is becoming aware of the boundaries that she needs to have, but she is also at that moment in the Creation cycle when things start coming to the surface. Her baby’s name, the designs of the nursery, the stories she will share with her little one. We can learn to enjoy the paths we walk and make every experience a joyous one. All it takes is a small shift in perspective and a willingness to see things on the bright side.

Mini Mixter’s Tile:

Void: Unknowable. Kinda like the Great Mystery Tarot card.

This rune is relatively new in circulation and did not exist in the original language of Viking Futhark runes. It has come to be associated with Odin, the All Father, and the unknowable nature of the Divine. I associate this with the Great Mystery- the Creator spirit that helps me navigate my life and accept the change it presents. Sings With Owls shared a beautiful perspective on this tile and it’s nature with time. It is a reminder that we must accept that we are in the perfect moment whenever we are. In the Now, all things are possible. We will move through this and create a stronger connection to our higher selves and our Higher Powers, so long as we trust and accept the present for the gift it can be.

Taurus is all about Radical SelfCare. Weave your reality into being. We’ll see you next time!

Watch the full episode below!

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