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Saturday Sessions: Easter Weekend Tarot

#SaturdaySessions: A Reading by Jacy MoonSpirit 4.3.21

This week we wanted to revisit a friendly old spread called the Pentacle Spread. This is a useful tool for taking a bird's eye perspective of different facets of a person's life and taking note of what is at work in those arenas. I have labeled the cards in this post based on their location in the spread and I'll explain the placement meanings as we go along.

Mind ~ 8 of Swords: Mole - Feeling out of your element in a new situation? Not sure where to turn for help? Feeling trapped, even? This is common when we see this card in a spread. Mole offers some insight to the situation, as Mole digs deep and gets grounded while taking productive steps forward and not being deterred by a block in the path. Mole says to surrender to what is and not be plagued by a perception of insurmountable odds. A change in perspective is vital for forward momentum.

Heart ~ 5 of Wands: Honey Badger- This is one of those cards that weirds people out sometimes because its message is about conflict. In a situation where there is too much external stimuli for the spirit to have room to breathe, we can feel put out or even under attack. Often times, the perceived attacker may not be aware that their well-intended input isn't useful at that time. Maintain the higher ground and practice self-control. Do not react impulsively, but do bring mindful awareness to the situation to disengage the ego from the matter at hand. This will bring the calm peace you seek.

Spirit ~ The Moon: Owl- Decisions need to be made, but what really feels right? Owl comes through as the voice of wisdom that sweeps away all deception and allows us to see where the magic of the journey can lead us. The full moon makes an appearance which indicates that details and signs of our intentions are surfacing around us. This is a good time to sit with our thoughts and allow our intuition to guide us to the outcome of our intentions that best serves our highest good.

Body ~Two of Cups: Hermit Crab- This is a card of partnership and symbiosis. As the Crab teams up with the anemone, we can choose to team up with people and projects that give us a sense of purpose and build trust as we see the fulfillment of being an equal partner. Because this comes through for a message on the physical plane, I see this as a way the deck says "Listen to your body and do what it tells you." The Two of Cups is a card of trust so if your body needs rest, movement, or even just more water listen to the message and do what feels right.

Divine Message ~ 4 of Pentacles: Squirrel- The gathering messenger tells us that we may have collected more than we can use when it comes to other people's energy. It is perfectly reasonable now and again to be with ourselves and take stock of what it is we offer the world around us. With that in mind, don't harbor or hoard emotions, possessions, or attachments to people, places, or projects that are not good for you. If it doesn't serve you or you feel it is not yours, wash it away. If it is energy or presence that you're holding back, give it away and see what rewards this can bring.

The Situation as It is Now ~ TowerThe : Termite- The resistance to change could be the very thing making it all too much. We are evolutionary beings and as such it is our responsibility to adapt to everything from our habitat to our encounters with others. This may seem like a time of upheaval, but the change that comes with it is something we need to recognize as a catalyst for growth. We are always capable of expanding our way of being in the universe and the cards are supporting the process of getting through these growing pains. It'll only eat away at us if we let it.

This reading from the Animal Totem Tarot deck is supported by Hawk medicine.

This messenger is here to tell us that we can move up in the world and level up in our vibrations when we learn to work with the Great Mystery in all ways all the time. Find the Creatrix within and notice the ways the Creatrix is speaking to you through the signs and signals all around. They're there if you remember how to look.

Peace and blessings all and have a safe Easter weekend!

This reading was brought to you by @JacyMoonSpirit one of our Intuitive Consultants at DM to set up your Easter Weekend oracle reading.


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