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Naturally Dyed Egg DIY

This #MagickalMonday we're showing off our unique Easter weekend egg dying project. We went with something off the cuff we hadn't tried before using a natural onion skin dye and cilantro and greens for print impressions. We boiled our onion skins until we got a nice rich color, let that dye set with the eggs after we'd wrapped them in stocking materials (we used old clean stocking socks), and layered our various greens around the white eggs for this project that we'd had hard-boiled.

We didn't quite follow the recipe we found, so we'll let you follow your instincts and google finds of your own if you're interested. We made our hard-boiled eggs separately and then submerged them in our homemade dye. Alternately you can strain your dye and boil your eggs to a hard boil in that dye if you want. Not sure how that would impact the taste at all if you are interested in eating your egg goodies. We set a few aside to paint as well, as we like to use several techniques to decorate during yearly celebration days.

What did your eggs look like this Easter or Ostara? We celebrated the Spring Equinox a bit back but cross celebrate because of the extended family still learning the pagan histories of most major holidays. Major symbols like eggs are cross-cultural and an easy tradition to start a family conversation over.

Eggs have some major symbolic power packed into them. All life comes from an egg of some variety. This is very abundant energy with lots of fertility vibes. Use naturally dyed eggs like ours to do a family egg hunt, decorate for the day, or find other unique ways to preserve your eggs and use them on your altar to promote new growth and creative energy.

Ostara, like Easter, is about a Sun's return, just more so the Spring Sun as it returns on the Equinox to bring light back to the cold Earth and warm our days from winter blues. Ostara (Eostre) is also the name of the Spring Goddess that the holiday is named for, and shares many symbolic overlaps with the Goddess Mary and her Son, Jesus.

We grew up in a very Bible belt-heavy part of the country, but felt drawn to the history of the planet beneath our feet and started digging. We did our research and studied our religious histories to find the truth behind many of our beloved holidays. We have undergone year-long transitions from Christian or other denomination to become the Pagan Priestess and Ministers we are today trying to share alternatives, trying to build our community, and fight the stigma many have put on the word "pagan". We have self-care and spiritual life coaches available for Intuitive Consultations all week. Come talk with us tomorrow on #TuesdayTalks and join Jacy MoonSpirit and Spirit Soaring for more insights from our uniquely mixed perspectives as healers and medicine people.

We are Pagan and Proud, and support veterans, LGBTQA2+ individuals, are we are here to help with our Intuitive Consulting services that can be found throughout the week on our major social media platforms. Want to learn more? Check us out and join our #4OLK family at and on FB and IG.

Blessed Be! Happy crafting!

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