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Wodens Day Missive

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Good Morning World,

It's Wednesday/Wodens Day!

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Let's stop sweeping the past under the rug. We see the echoes of choices made by our ancestors in our every day and barely recognize them. How many pagan gods and goddess make their way into our week days and calendars but get bastardized and shamed by the Christian dominance of the world?

I'm not your average minister. I've studied art, history, art history, art therapy, religion, mythology, literature and healthy living through massage, energy healing, and nutritional studies. I come from a formerly strictly Roman Catholic upbringing to where I am today as a proud pagan. I have followed an inner calling to be a healer as part of the native Bear Clan which adopted me into its arms when our Paths synchronized. I have studied art and religion and history and I see the damage that has been done to our society and witness it every day. We have turned our women and children into slaves to dominance unchecked on basis of salvation. Let's stop the cycles now. Do the hard work and commit to healing the traumas of our pasts and the traumas of the collective past. We are all one. How many religions does the world need to see that we're all striving for a spiritual path to enlightenment? We're all seeking understanding. We all exist together, but why? We all want answers.

I learned as a child that some of the most powerful answers can be whispers. Soft, barely there, unheard if you're not paying attention, too quiet to hear if all you're doing is yap yap yapping. Shut up and listen. You can feel the truth. You can change your life. You can be the change you want to see in the world. You are part of the grand plan, God's great mystery, what ever you call Creator is up to you. Rejoice in knowing the name doesn't matter. God was there before words had name for them. God exists still beyond your simple material form.

Sit with me and listen for the whispers. Ask your questions and listen for your answers. Truth will make it self known. Stop lying to your self and saying you can't.

I have done it for myself. I am learning daily to do it better. I listen. I learn. I realize more and more how important we ALL are to this world. Let's learn to flow together. Let's all grow together. Look to the world around you and you'll see, everything has its own sacred essence. So do you. Embrace it.

@Mixterwhispers @4ofLikeKind


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