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4 of Like Kind

Intuitive Consultants

4 of Like-Kind is committed to providing quality intuitive spiritual counseling, therapeutic energy healing, physical bodywork modalities, & educational resources for those seeking personalized paths to self-care and wellness on a multidimensional level. 


Multidimensional Self-Care

Check out our latest podcast episodes! We focus on Multi-Dimensional Self-Care using our wide variety of healing backgrounds, with personalized stories and missives to help you every day. Mixter Whispers leads the talk on Self-Care as one of our Life Coaches, and lead massage therapist. They specialize in deep tissue metaphysical massage and self-care. Learn more about what goes on beyond the physical form.


Spirit Soaring's Take a Walk With Me

Find more information on our Witchy Week page.

Take a walk with our consultants and learn more about being your witchy, authentic self! Spirit Soaring leads you on a walk with a Medicine Man. Join his morning missive, and our weekly witchy content from goddess information to free tarot and runes every week! We are building our online podcasts daily, so please check us out, share with a friend, and share topics you want to hear about! We're currently live on FB/IG every week with our free content, and have podcasts coming out on Spotify, Anchor, Google, and more.


4 of Like Kind

A customized path to multi-dimensional self-care.

What makes us unique? 4OLK is a small family-owned business comprised of four Intuitive Consultants. We offer self-care paths tailored to your present needs. Each of our consultants brings their own modalities to the table through multidimensional options that tackle the many levels of self-care consideration. 

4: We are all four ordained ministers through the Universal Life Church. We offer pastoral services for handfastings, birth blessings, funerals, and more. 

O: We offer oracle and tarot among other intuitive services like mediumship, past life integrations, and crystal ball readings. 

L: Like other healers, we've come across unique modalities to supplement our chosen healing paths. We have Reiki Masters on staff, Shamanic Art Therapy Coaches, Sacred Womb Healers, Chakra Healers, and more. 

K: Knowing the body is just a part of self-care. Tune into yourself with a restorative massage from our licensed massage therapist, and get custom self-care coaching each month to supplement your multidimensional healing journey. 

Check out our team page to see more about our healers' individual journeys and modalities. 

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