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Adorn your sacred space with the elegance of spring embodied in this Ostara Sabbat Pennant, a perfect addition to honor the Spring Equinox. This beautiful pennant captures the essence of renewal and balance, featuring a delicate tulip design that symbolizes the reawakening of nature. The crisp white background serves as a canvas for the vibrant green and soft purple hues, inviting a harmonious blend of freshness and tranquility into your home or event setting. Hang this pennant with pride as you and your loved ones celebrate the turning of the wheel, welcoming the budding promise of longer days and the rebirth of the earth.


Tailor-made for pagan families and event planners seeking to infuse their celebrations with meaningful symbolism, this Ostara pennant is not just a decoration but a statement of faith and tradition. It's an ideal touch for family gatherings, public ceremonies, or any festive occasion that calls for a touch of natural elegance. Easy to display and designed to be a focal point, this pennant promises to resonate with the spirit of Ostara, ushering in a season of fertility, abundance, and new beginnings.


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NB! Print placement may vary by up to 0.5''(1.3cm).

.: 100% Poly Twill
.: One size: 18" × 21" (45.7cm × 53.3cm )
.: One sided print
.: Comes with a wood dowel and twine frame

Ostara - Sabbat Series - Pagan Pennant

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