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This enchanting pennant banner captures the essence of Mabon, the pagan celebration of the autumn equinox. Crafted with a warm, earthy palette, it features a beautifully detailed maple leaf in mid-transition, embodying the change of seasons. The crisp, bold typography heralds 'MABON' and 'FALL EQUINOX,' resonating with the spirit of gratitude and reflection characteristic of the festival. Perfect for adorning a Mabon altar or as a focal point in a seasonal display, this banner brings a touch of nature’s transformation into your sacred space. Its fabric provides a lasting keepsake to honor the balance between light and dark, inviting a harmonious blend into your home or event space each year. Pair with amber-toned candles and a cornucopia of harvest fruits to complete the festive ambiance.


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Print placement may vary by up to 0.5''(1.3cm).

.: 100% Poly Twill
.: One size: 18" × 21" (45.7cm × 53.3cm )
.: One sided print
.: Comes with a wood dowel and twine frame

Mabon Fall Equinox - Sabbat Series - Pagan Pennant

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