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Gaze upon the striking Fire Mug, where a triangular symbol, resonant with meanings of change and manifestation, cradles a dancing flame within its borders. This graphic, a rich portrayal of the fire element, stands out on the mug's pristine white background, invoking the vital essence of creativity, passion, and transformation. It's a visual feast for those who walk the earth with awareness of life's fiery undercurrents, making it an ideal companion for daily reflection or ritual use.


This mug is not just a container but a conversation starter, perfect for pagan families to incorporate into their daily practices or for event planners to use as a meaningful gift at gatherings and celebrations. It's a functional piece of home decor that also serves as a symbol of community and tradition. Envision this mug being raised in a toast to honor the elements, or cradled in hands during morning meditations. For those who connect with its symbolism, it becomes an integral part of a mindful, intentional lifestyle.


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.: One size: 11oz (0.33 l)
.: ORCA Coating
.: Durable white ceramic material with a glossy finish
.: C-shaped easy-grip handle

Fire Element Alchemical Symbol - Pagan Decor - Standard Mug, 11oz

SKU: 26821916811079185212