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Celebrate the zenith of summer with this vibrant Litha Sabbat Pennant, an enchanting addition to any space that honors the longest day of the year. Crafted with care, the pennant radiates the joyous energy of the Summer Solstice, featuring a sunburst design that symbolizes the Sun at its peak strength. The warm, golden hues of the lettering spell out "Summer Litha Solstice," set against a pure white background, evoking the purity and fullness of midsummer's day. This pennant is perfect for hanging in your sacred space, above your altar, or adorning the walls of a festive gathering, infusing your environment with the bright, expansive energy of the solstice.


Ideal for pagan families and event planners looking to add a touch of seasonal magic to their celebrations, this pennant serves as both a decorative element and a focal point for solstice rituals and festivities. It's not just an ornament but a symbol of the fire that burns within, reminding us of the light that prevails even on the longest days. Whether you're orchestrating a community event or simply bringing the spirit of Litha into your home, this pennant is sure to uplift and inspire.


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NB! Print placement may vary by up to 0.5''(1.3cm).

.: 100% Poly Twill
.: One size: 18" × 21" (45.7cm × 53.3cm )
.: One sided print
.: Comes with a wooden dowel (color tone may vary) and twine frame

Summer Solstice Litha - Sun Rays - Pagan Pennant

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