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Witchy Week Update: Jan 15th, 2021

Hello and Welcome to the #4OLK family!

Our 2021 bi-monthly blog kickstarts the year with our official recap for January 1st through January 15th. Each week we host various crafts, live shows, and wellness talks to get you inspired to be your best self.

4 of Like-Kind is committed to providing quality intuitive spiritual counseling, therapeutic energy healing, physical bodywork modalities, creative life coaching & educational resources for those seeking personalized paths to self-care and wellness on a multidimensional level.


Yearly Roadmap Sample

Don't forget to book your Yearly Roadmap and see what medicine is waiting to guide you through 2021. Our roadmap includes 13 monthly animal guides, moon cards, goddesses, tarot cards, and rune tiles. This is the motherlode of oracle information for your year with an in-depth conversation with you on Zoom or Facebook as we work through your packet together.

DM today to book yours @4oflikekind on FB and IG or at

This special package is only $150 for the month of January. Normally $450. Save $300! Only 16 more days at this limited-time price.

Our Witchy Week:

We had some really cool crafts to start the year out right and to wind down the Yule season on January 6th.

We made some from scratch bread wreaths to tie in some cultural superstitions we’ve learned over the years. Circular shapes are said to promote abundance so we incorporated the shape into our dinner meal. As all 4 of us are southern raised also, we brought our roots to the table with some Black Eyed Peas and greens.

Using various herbs in our kitchen witching projects we tied in the magic of green abundant herbs to our dinner sidekick.

We also had some fun with our aromatherapy cabinet and made some DIY playdough following a recipe we found from DoTerra. The easy to make dough is a sensory experience meant to help destress and promote peace and joy for you and your little ones!

Another awakening series of Tuesday Talks here. We brought out heavy-hitting topics like Diversity and Acceptance. After the turmoil of the recent weeks in DC and the effects of bigotry and racism hitting the country still, we thought these topics would be a sound place to start our year out right.

Episodes can be rewatched on our platforms on Facebook and Instagram. Just follow our hashtags!

Jacy Moonspirit and Spirit Soaring are two profound speakers on the multigenerational perspectives of being a mixed modern medicine person. Jacy Moonspirit is a young Two-Spirit with both sacred Masculine and Feminine energies, and their mentor and friend Spirit Soaring teaches Grandfather Medicine while also being honorarily two-spirit and trained in Grandmother Medicine. Want to learn more about that? Find out episodes on what those medicines mean from our shows at the end of 2020!

Our episode on Acceptance came after a crazy week for our country. We challenged your perspective on self. Have you been stagnating because you’re clinging to the past? Have you accepted the change that is upon us? Have you accepted that all things change? Acceptance can be tough, but it’s about challenging you to be open-minded, have faith, and do your part to change the world for the better.

Join us each week for FREE rune tile and witch glyphs every Wednesday when you catch our live shows. We walk through a weekly spread and invite the community to DM for their own tiles. Each week we like to share witchy wisdoms like god and goddess information. We learned about the God Janus, and Goddess La Befana on the 13th. Check out our episodes from the 6th too!

One of our favorite nights of the week, we share FREE one card tarot and oracle cards with our 4OLK family. Our spreads follow the moon phases and common themes that come up throughout the year.

Our latest moon phase is from January 13th with the New Moon in Capricorn which we featured on our Tarot show on the 14th. Keep an eye out for new spreads each week. See one on the show you like? Message in and we’ll set up an appointment for a Zoom or Facebook/Instagram meeting. Watch our episodes from the 7th here.

Don’t forget to get your Yearly Roadmap! It’s been a crazy ride. Tarot has been a tool used for centuries to divine advice for problems on our mind. Come take a seat with our Intuitive Consultants and learn about animal guides, goddesses, tarot themes, moonology, and more! This is the motherlode of information for your year ahead. After 2020, we could use some focus. Our consultants used their roadmaps from last year as guides through difficult times. The Intuitive Words, tarot life themes, and magic of the other oracle cards made for a meditative reprieve from the worries of the mind.

Yearly Roadmap Tarot is only $150 for the limited time of the month of January! Save $300 on a normal value of $450.

Other tarot/oracle sessions start at $25 and range depending on what we’re discussing. Pick from a premade question packet or bring your own question for a $2/minute rate over Zoom. Covid safe!

We started the year finishing out Yule with some awesome winter tunes from our Yule Tide playlist. We listened to songs like “Santa Clause is Pagan too” and “We Three Witches”.

#FridayFlow asks are you feeling stuck? Turn on some inspiring music and get your groove on by tuning into the feeling of the music, the power of the tune. Be mindful of what you listen to and Remember...there is power in your words. Speak wisely. Speak well of yourself. Speak love and kindness. Speak health. Speak truth.

Find our self care specials primarily on Facebook. Intuitive Consultant Mixter Whispers is a certified Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Energy Healer, and Pagan Minister.

They tackle weekly themes on spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional self-care.

Remember to get some time outside, even during the winter months. Soak up your sunshine and say hello to Mx. Sun! We’ve made it past the Winter Solstice into the heart of winter. Imbolc is just around the corner and with it more festivities! Stay tuned for witchy fun for the holiday.

Each weekend our consultants host clients in-person, online or on the go in a variety of sessions. Send your interest to to schedule an appointment or message more directly on FB/IG.

Services we offer:


House Blessings

Energy Healing

Chakra Rebalancing

Massage Therapy

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Spiritual Journey


Spiritual Counseling

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Art Therapy

Pagan Ministry


Custom Intuitive Jewelry

Thanks for checking us out! Keep an eye out for our end of month recap in a few weeks! Until then check out our #witchyweek content live on Facebook and Instagram each week.

We are a small family-owned business working hard to share our love and knowledge to the world. Share and like our content and check us out each week for free content.

Our Intuitive Consultants:


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