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Reclaim Samhain

Dear Witches, Pagans, Christo-Pagans, Spiritualists, Weirdos, and Non-Believers alike...

Let's talk a minute about Samhain.

Samhain, pronounced Sow-In by most current pagans, comes from with a lot of history. What it's becoming today is another commercial holiday under the guise of Halloween and innocent trick-or-treating kids.

That's not why Pagans celebrate. I'm here to break it down. So many people get up in arms when Christmas or Easter get appropriated but they don't even take the time to see what's happened to the sabbats/celebrations of other cultures they appropriated!

Samhain is a day to honor the end of the year and beginning of the pagan new year. We leave behind the weight of the year and step into the winter months fortified in our resolutions for change, guided by our ancestors and family histories.

We celebrate with feasts of harvest and family traditional goods. We set out spirit plates and play enchanting music to set the mood for magic happenings.

News flash world: Pagans are a lot like you. We put on our black hat, we pet our familiar and we cook. We do magic in the kitchen from the heart and share our sweet treats. We sing and dance and enjoy big piles of leaves or the first signs of snow.

However you celebrate, please remember the gore and horror of the season came from fear, superstion and witch hunting bigots who didn't bother to take the time to ask the questions and learn the lessons.

Witches work with nature, the elements, the cycles of the year, the bounties of the Earth.

We transmute herbs into potions for long term health and happiness. We make crafts from materials the Mother provides us and share gifts from our spirit family as it grows and expands and evolves together.

We are living in unprecedented times. Viruses, viral videos, a global war threat. Now is the time to share the love. Learn to understand your neighbors and the folk that have been there the whole time tending the Earth and her magic.


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