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#FridayFlow Cloud People

Today's #FridayFlow was inspired by the Cloud People. They are our messengers on flow. One form now, perhaps gone in a moment. They are the shapeshifters of the globe, flowing freely through every environment, manipulating the material world about them and within.

Fire to Air, Water to Earth.

Recent wild fires have been burning away the Standing Ones here in Colorado, returning them to the sky where they join the evaporated waters to form new clouds and produce rain storms that return sustenance to the parched lands below to start the cycle of growth again.

Where are we in our cycles? Are we like vapor, form still uncertain and unmanifested? Are we like the big billowing clouds that fill the sky with majestic scenes and fantastical images? Or are we more like the thin drizzling clouds, emotional, inbetween? We all have our own flow, and it all impacts the next. We are all but a strand within the web of life. Are we willing to weave our own reality like the Spider on her web? Master and Creator. Don't be the fly that's trapped. We don't care if you are the fly, just don't give up even if you feel stuck. Unweave the bad intentions, reclaim yourself. Manifest your own reality through patience, intention, and awareness of the power of the present moment. The only moment that matters. Now.

Clouds are a great way to view the ever changing power of nature and get some perspective on our own part to play. From gentle breezes to landscape altering storms, clouds see it all. And so do we. Our Intuitive Consultants often take, excuse the language, "cloud porn" pictures to help us find inspiration in our day. It brings us back to the present moment and helps us reconnect with the world around us. Take a moment as you get out of the car, look to the sky, ground to the earth. Look for the silver lining, and never forget you make your own flow. You have a choice, and say, a willingness within you that you control. Weather the storm. We can do this if we do it together. We are all one. We are all connected. Reconnect to you.

Need help tuning in? Watch Pagan Minister Mixter Whispers' #SelfCareSaturday posts on FB and IG. Mixter Whispers is a certified massage therapist, minister, art therapist and energy worker. They believe that our body gives us messages we can all learn to interpret. From our physical to our spiritual and energetic bodies, there are more layers to us than we know. Let's learn to flow and grow together, share out experiences and our skills and make a better world. Not for profit or praise, but for betterment of this existence for all. Stop perpetuating the trauma. Break the mindsets that hold you back. Start with a willingness to heal, to learn a new way. Life is ever changing. That is our ever constant reality. We make the change we want through determination and dedication. Take your life into your own hands. We believe in you.


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